Member Benefits

EFIM is dedicated to ensuring we provide benefits to our members. Get involved in EFIM, share your perspective and make a difference. The Executive Committee work to ensure that our connections as a federation with our partners and enterprise create opportunities for us to pass on to every registered user. If you have any suggestions for furthering this please don't hesitate to get in touch via

Here are a list of benefits of EFIM memberships for all registrants:

  1. Access to the whole of the website - some sections of the website are restricted to medical professionals only. Once approved you will have unlimited access
  2. Ability to personalise your website experience - customise your view of the website based on your areas of expertise and viewing preferences
  3. Ability to set up your own profile and interact with other EFIM website members through the forums - everyone interacts well at congress and the website is designed to maintain and further these interactions. Create your own member page and continue your discussions on
  4. Free access to the European Journal of Internal Medicine - once registered and approved you will seamlessly be able to access and read the journal via a secure connection to Elsevier's servers
  5. Free access to the European Case Reports Journal of Internal Medicine -
  6. Free subscription to EFIM newletter - Keeping you updated with the latest EFIM news & events
  7. Member registration fees to the European Congress of Internal Medicine -   

For Young Internists, Medical students & residents:

  1. The European School of Internal Medicine (ESIM) 
  2. EFIM Exchange Program  
  3. Clinical Research Seminar, Paris -   
  4. EFIM YI activities